Yoga Pants- The Struggle is Real

I have a thing for cute yoga pants. I absolutely love them, but most of the time when I fall for a pair they are as long as I am tall. Thankfully capri and crop length pants are becoming more popular (they fit me perfectly as full length pants!) But what is a yogi to do when they fall in love with a print that isn’t available or you need a new pair NOW and waiting to order a pair is just not an option?

Well, there is a trend of wearing the bottoms of yoga pants over the feet, resembling the look of a dancer with leg warmers. This is a great opportunity for us petite ladies to try out those long leggings we love. I tried it, and was so happy I had to show you the results!

I fell in love with a pair of full length leggings online and patiently waited for them to arrive. I compared the length to a pair of capris from the same company below.

Here are two pairs of yoga pants from the same company, capri length on the left and regular length on the right- so much extra fabric!

I put the leggings on like I normally would, and put the extra fabric over my foot.

These leggings felt great over the foot and worked well on my wood floor and later on the yoga mat. But how was I going to get to the studio? I obviously couldn’t wear shoes. Sandals, maybe. But even easier than that, all you need to do is pull up the extra fabric over your foot allowing it to wrinkle a bit around the ankle and pulling any extra up the leg (like putting on a pair of pantyhose) and you are ready to go! When you get to the studio just pull the extra fabric back down over your foot again.

Extra fabric pulled up and ready to go!

Thanks to this trick I am no longer afraid to buy those full length leggings I love. I hope you’ll give it a try too, and let me know how you like it!