5 Reasons I Love Jamberry Nail Wraps

Jamberry wraps are all the rage these days. But with all the dangerous ingredients in beauty products today, you may be wondering if they are safe before jumping on the band wagon. I am happy to say that these wraps are safe, fun, and easy to apply and remove. Here are a few reasons I love them, and you may too.

1. They are non-toxic. Jamboree nail wraps and nail lacquers are 5-free, meaning they contain no toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate or camphorso you can rest easy knowing you are not exposing your body to these chemicals and they are even safe for kids. And the wraps easily remove when reheated so there is no need for dangerous polish removers.

2. They are latex free. People with allergies to latex can safely wear these, and those who work or live with people who have latex sensitivities can rest easy knowing they are not putting their patients/clients/family/friends/etc. at risk.

3. They are gluten free. Unlike many nail polishes, Jamberry wraps are gluten free, so gluten sensitive friends you can safely enjoy these, too.

4. No chipping!  They are made out of a non-chip vinyl, so once you apply them you have beautiful nails that will last about two weeks on your fingers and six weeks on your toes and will look just as good on they day you remove them as the day you applied them, without any harmful chemicals or UV light.

5. They are made in the USA. Jamberry products are 100% made in the USA so you can feel good knowing you are supporting American business.


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