Practice Tips

What’s in my bag?

Lately celebrity yogis have been sharing online and in magazines what’s in their yoga bags. Here is what’s currently in mine, and a few ideas for what to keep in your own.

1. Tingsha bells

I love using tingsha bells to signal the end of final relaxation (SAVASANA), to focus the mind, and to balance the energy in the room.

2. Jo-Sha Yoga Mat Wipes

These essential oil wipes smell great, have no oil or harsh chemicals, and are perfect to freshen up or give your mat a wipe down at the end of class. They come in both dispenser and individually wrapped forms. I like to offer the lavender wipes to my students after class to keep their mat clean as well as benefit from the calming and relaxing scent.

 3. Toe Sox

I always keep a pair of these in my bag, and love that they keep my feet clean and safe from contact with germy studio floors and give me extra grip on the mat, especially while teaching when my focus on my students.

4. Alba un-petroleum

I absolutely love how this lip balm feels and tastes. The cherry flavor is my favorite! I also love the SPF protection this lip balm provides.

5. Kind bar

I like to pack a snack in case I need some extra energy before or after class. These bars are delicious and do the trick! Right now I am loving the Cashew Ginger flavor.

6. Journal

Great for writing down a quote I want to share with my class or post-meditation thoughts , I always keep a journal handy for when I’m needing a little inspiration or when inspiration hits.

7. Water Bottle

I am a big believer in hydration and always carry a reusable BPA free water bottle. Lately I’ve been using my Mauna Kea Nalgene bottle that my husband and I picked up on our honeymoon on the Big Island. It’s huge (32 oz) and brings back great memories whenever I take a sip.

8. iPhone

While I forego other types of technology during class, I like to have my iPhone handy to plug in and play music, check my calendar, leave myself a reminder or to look something up quickly.

Depending on my day and what I am doing before or after class, I may throw in some other essentials like my wallet, deodorant, some essential oils or a change of clothes.

So what should you pack in your bag? Really it depends on the type of class you’re going to and your personal needs. I recommend students stay hydrated so a water bottle is a must. If you’re going to a hot yoga class you may want to bring your own yoga towel. In the winter, you may want to bring a pair of warm cozy socks. If you are going somewhere right after class you may need a change of clothes, deodorant, a hair brush, etc. And of course, we cannot forget the yoga mat! I’m really big on hygiene and always suggest students bring their own mat if possible. Try experimenting with what you carry with you and you’ll quickly find what you use most often and what is worth taking up space in your bag.


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